Congratulations to all the candidates – from Statewide all the way down to County Elected Official – who have advanced on to the primary ballot!

Here are the results from the Colorado Democratic State Assembly:

Cary Kennedy: 2,101 votes (61.65%)
Jared Polis: 1,120 votes (32.86%)
Erik Underwood: 187 votes (5.49%)

Based on these results, Cary Kennedy and Jared Polis have qualified for the Democratic primary ballot for Governor.

State Treasurer
Dave Young: 1,778 votes (52.16%)
Bernard Douthit: 1,074 votes (31.50%)
Charles Scheibe: 557 votes (16.34%)

Based on these results, Dave Young and Bernard Douthit have qualified for the Democratic primary ballot for State Treasurer.

Secretary of State
Jena Griswold: 3,352 votes (98.44%)
Phillip Villard: 53 votes (1.56%)

Based on these results, Jena Griswold has qualified for the Democratic primary ballot for Secretary of State.

Attorney General
Phil Weiser: 1,805 votes (52.87%)
Joe Salazar: 1,249 votes (36.58%)
Amy Padden: 360 votes (10.54%)

Based on these results, Phil Weiser and Joe Salazar have qualified for the Democratic primary ballot for Attorney General. Amy Padden can qualify for the ballot if the Secretary of State determines that she has collected the requisite number of valid signatures.

CU Regent-at-Large
Lesley Smith: 3,229 votes (100.00%)

NOTE: These are not all of the candidates that are running for these particular offices. Some candidates have chosen to qualify for the ballot by submitting petition signatures instead of going through the caucus-assembly process.

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