Year: 2018

A how-to guide for navigating the Denver Elections website to read campaign contribution/spending filings

Courtesy of Peg Perl Because Denver is a home rule city, they have their own municipal code and disclosure system for the raising and spending of money in city elections. Any information you want to find will be on the Denver Elections website, not the Secretary of State TRACER system (where legislative and statewide candidate information is found). Denver is currently working with an older system for filing and viewing this information, but has stated that it expects to

Skip Madsen’s Analysis of 2018 Caucus Results

Democrats Cary Kennedy is in the catbird seat. Her strategy of only caucusing paid off. It forced her followers to caucus and I expected she would win. I thought she would get in the high 40’s. She got 50%, and has outmaneuvered all the men. She’s always had a built in base. She’ll gain more delegates between now and State Assembly and obviously be top line on the primary ballot in June. Jared Polis barely

2018 Redistricting/Gerrymandering Reform Effort

Statement on 2018 Redistricting/Gerrymandering Reform Effort By: Jason Legg, Strengthening Democracy Colorado (SDC) Gerrymandering is a term used to describe the redrawing, known as redistricting, of legislative districts by legislators themselves with the intent to help themselves or their party gain electoral advantage. It is a massive problem in this country. It should be eliminated nationwide, including in Colorado. SDC supports prohibiting partisan considerations from the redistricting process. SDC supports utilizing an objective standard like

Commit to Caucus on March 6th at 7pm!

Democrats – Find your caucus location here. If it is not listed, contact your local county party. Republicans – Find your caucus location here. If it is not listed, contact your local county party. To find what precinct you are in, visit To learn more about the caucus & assembly process, read our Caucus/Assembly training manual