Skip Madsen: Founder & Executive Director

Skip is an old Lefty activist of 40+ years, political junky, policy and process wonk, talks too much, drinks a lot of coffee, networks and loves to meet people, passionate and deadly serious about the mission of Democracy Enter. To Inform, Engage and Educate Voters, to make the political process more democratic. It is only a rumor that Skip has a hotline to God and often asks Him if he has affiliated yet. But he would if he could.

Joe Zemek: Chair

Joe is the Chair of DemEnterCO and he is generally gruntled about it.  He is managing two State House candidates and is typically sanguine about that. Please volunteer for progressives or we all die. #WheresTheLie


Jessica Chauvin: Operations Lead

Jessica Chauvin is a politically active newbie, but has used that to her advantage by being able to directly identify (without resorting to outright dismissal) reasons why apathy exists, where blindspots lie, and discover ways to educate voters as a means of removing any actual or perceived barriers towards wider civic participation. It is through this guiding principle that she co-founded the IFRR Wiki, a website dedicated to centralizing and disseminating information covering races, elected officials, and candidates at every level all across the state of Colorado — the only known publicly-available project of its kind in the state. She now lives by her developed civic values as a member of the Adams County Democratic Party’s Central Committee.

Dale Nichols: Treasurer

Dale Nichols has been a progressive political activist for about 54 years, although with some significant gaps. Presently he is the treasurer of Democracy Enter, Inc., on the board of Aurora Residents for Transparency and Transformation, and on the State Central Committee of the Colorado Democratic Party. A retiree from the office of the Secretary of State, he retains a strong interest in campaign finance. He is proud to live in Original Aurora with his wife, his daughter, and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Shaun Sindelman: I.T. Lead

As I.T. Lead and Organizational Liason, Shaun is the proverbial “glue that keeps DemEnterCO together”. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, he relocated to Colorado in 2010 with his wife and twin boys. Since 2016, he has been active with DemEnterCO as well as with Our Revolution. He is a PCP with the Douglas County Democratic Party and a member of both the Colorado Democratic Party and 4th Congressional District Central Committees. When he is not being politically active, he is either busy editing video or spending time with his family.

John R. (Grizz) Deal: Finance Lead

Grizz is a multidimensional entrepreneur with experience leading eleven tech startups, as well as time served in the DOE National Laboratory complex, international VC and banking, and corporate aerospace over the last 30 years. He is strives to make government work for The Rest of U.S.

Kristin Mallory Westerberg

Kristin Mallory Westerberg is a Colorado licensed attorney who works in procurement and contract law. She is a Board member of Arapahoe Young Dems, a Board member for Aurora Residents for Transparency, a 501(c)4, and honored as the 2017 Volunteer of the Year for the Arapahoe County Democratic Party. It’s a slow coup, but not that slow… it’s fast now – and Kristin is proud to help her comrades lead the resistance.

Michael Westerberg

Michael Westerberg is a tax attorney and fiscal policy guru. Originally from South Dakota, he’s been affiliated with every Party – realizing the error in his ways after being unable to Caucus for Bernie as an unaffiliated voter, he has Dem Entered to change the Democratic Party from the inside. He is a Board Member for Aurora Residents for Transparency, a 501(c)4, and a member of the Citizens’ Advisory Budget Committee for the City of Aurora.

Jeri Shepherd

Jeri has lived in Colorado since 1974 and Greeley since 1986. Semi-retired attorney. A citizen-activist in various capacities most of her adult life. Jeri is grateful for the opportunities to stand with people to move our communities, our state, our country, and our world in a more humanizing direction. Active Democrat since 2004, Bernie delegate 2016, elected DNC member 2016.

Scott Bitcon

Scott has been a Colorado Resident since 1997, and a recovering Republican since about 2002.  New to activism he is most passionate about income inequality and LGBT equality issues.


Martha Lugo

Martha Lugo is a seasoned professional of over 27 years in the behavioral sciences, she served as a senior probation officer and was a psychotherapist.  Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Organizational Development and Leadership specializing in organizational diversity.  Originally from El Paso, TX, and extremely proud of her Mexican and Puerto Rican heritage.  Passionately striving to be a voice for the people, Martha ran for Aurora city council in 2017 as a bold progressive and came in second place, she will run again in 2019. An avid volunteer in her community serving several activist organizations in the Denver Metro area.

Wendy Howell

Wendy is a longtime union and political organizer. Originally from the East Coast, she first came to Colorado in 2008 to work on Betsy Markey’s congressional campaign, and over the course of that campaign fell in love with both the Mountain West and her future wife. Since then, she’s led statewide efforts to win marriage equality, served as a Bernie delegate to the DNC, and worked to organize and build power for healthcare workers in the Front Range. She maintains her loyalty to the Yankees but notes that she also carries the burden of continuing to root for the NY Giants, and that she generally responds amiably to razzing for her choices in either sport.